Trusted History, Modern Dentistry

Welcome to Sierra Springs Dental – Where Refined Dentistry Blends Seamlessly with Personalized Care in Airdrie, AB!


Trusted History, Modern Dentistry

Welcome to Sierra Springs Dental – Where Refined Dentistry Blends Seamlessly with Personalized Care in Airdrie, AB!

Easy Payment Plans

Open 7 Days a Week

Private Suits Available

Advanced Technology


Our Mission

At Sierra Springs Dental, we prioritize personalized care, stress relief, and easy payments. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures a redefined dental experience focused on your well-being and satisfaction.


Elevate Your Dental Experience

Sierra Springs Dental sets a new standard for dental care, prioritizing efficiency with technologies like iTero for digital scans and CBCT for 3-D scans. Our iTero technology guarantees a swift and precise scanning experience, eliminating traditional discomfort. Simultaneously, our CBCT technology offers detailed 3-D scans, improving diagnostic accuracy and simplifying appointments. At Sierra Springs Dental, we ensure your visit is exceptionally comfortable and stress-free.


Easy Payment Plans

Sierra Springs Dental offers hassle-free and flexible payment plans, ensuring that patients can comfortably manage their dental expenses. Our transparent and straightforward payment options make quality dental care accessible to everyone.

Stress-Free Visits

At Sierra Springs Dental, we prioritize creating a relaxing and comfortable environment for our patients. Our team is dedicated to minimizing anxiety and stress associated with dental visits, providing compassionate care and clear communication to ensure a positive experience for every patient.

Precise Scanning

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology such as iTero and CBCT, Sierra Springs Dental ensures precise and accurate scans. This advanced scanning technology enhances diagnostics and treatment planning, allowing for a more efficient and tailored approach to dental care.


Procedures Tailored To You


Your Airdrie
Comfort Oasis

Embark on a new era at Sierra Springs Dental, prioritizing your comfort. Private suites in our operatories create an exclusive, personalized atmosphere. We address dental anxiety with weighted blankets for extra comfort. Soon, experience an elevated visit with noise-cancelling headphones and aroma therapy for enhanced relaxation, ensuring a stress-free environment. At Sierra Springs Dental, we seamlessly blend luxury and care for a transformed dental journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

A: We provide flexible payment options, including direct insurance billing. We also offer the convenience of paying through PayBright. Our fees adhere to the ADA fee schedule, and we accept select government insurance plans for your ease of payment.

A: Absolutely. We facilitate seamless office transfers. Our team will work with your previous dental office to ensure a smooth transition of your records, making your experience with us as hassle-free as possible.

A: Our operatories feature private suites, providing an exclusive and personalized environment. We understand dental anxiety and provide weighted blankets for added comfort. Soon, indulge in the soothing ambiance of aroma therapy and experience tranquillity with noise-cancelling headphones.

A: Booking an appointment is easy. You can schedule your visit by calling our office, but we also offer text communication for added convenience. Text us, and our team will assist you in securing a suitable appointment time.

A: At Sierra Springs Dental, we prioritize easy and convenient communication. We use text messaging as a primary form of communication. Feel free to text us with any questions, appointment requests, or concerns, and our team will respond promptly to assist you.

A: Dental emergencies include severe toothaches, knocked-out teeth, broken or chipped teeth, loose fillings or crowns, abscesses, and other dental issues causing severe pain or bleeding. If you are unsure whether your situation is an emergency, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.