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5 Things Your Toothbrush Is Dying To Tell You But Can’t

Your toothbrush is your teeth’s BFF. You hangout on a daily basis enjoying the company of each other. As a matter of fact, you can’t live without each other.

We know how important a toothbrush is to our overall oral health. We brush regularly in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums. However, do you know how much bacteria lives on your toothbrush? Studies have revealed that a single toothbrush can have as many as 10 million germs and bacteria.

So what is your toothbrush trying to tell you to help prevent all these germs? Here are five things your toothbrush is dying to tell you but can’t:

  1. Always dry me up!
    It’s important that you use your toothbrush correctly. Always make sure to rinse it under tap water and give it time to air dry. Germs need moisture to survive, so as long as you give your brush enough time to dry before using it, you should be fine. Make sure not to leave any toothpaste or debris in the head of your brush. Rinse it well!
  2. Find me the best storage place.
    When you’re at home, store your toothbrush upright in a cup or toothbrush holder. This allows it to air dry, which will help kill those germs. On the road? When traveling make sure to keep your toothbrush in a travel holder, that way it isn’t rolling around uncovered and collecting bacteria in your bag.If you really want to be in the clear you can soak your toothbrush in a toothbrush sanitizer or in mouthwash. Another alternative is to place your toothbrush in boiling water for 5-10 seconds. Don’t ever put your toothbrush in the dishwasher or microwave, these appliances will damage your toothbrush!
  3. Keep me away from the toilet bowl.
    Try to store your toothbrush as far away as possible from the toilet. This is because each toilet flush sends a spray of bacteria into the air and I’m sure you don’t want that near your open toothbrush! We recommend at least 3 feet!
  4. Don’t share me with others!
    Forget what your kindergarten teacher told you about sharing. When it comes to toothbrushes, it’s an absolute no! No matter how close you may be to that person, whether it’s your sibling or spouse, don’t ever use their toothbrush.
  5. Get rid of me after 3 months.
    Dentists recommend that we change our toothbrush every 3 months. This also depends on the wear of the bristles. Some people brush with a heavy hand and therefore their bristles may wear out sooner. It’s important to judge when it’s time for a replacement based upon the bristles, so don’t mark it in your calendar, just keep a look at your bristles. If you have children be sure to check their brushes regularly because they will probably need to be replaced more often.

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