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How To Avoid Oral Problems This Holiday Season

The season of joy and festivity is lingering in our homes and neighbourhoods. Many people anticipate the few remaining months of the year because of the numerous celebrations and gatherings among family and friends. Controlling your sugar intake is one of the many challenges people face during this holiday season. It’s important to control your sugar intake because it can develop into serious health illnesses such as diabetes.

Eating foods that are high in sugar is directly damaging to your teeth and gums. Sugar contains harmful acids that dissolve and feed the bacteria in your mouth. On the other hand, when sugar creates harmful bacterias, our saliva is also powerful enough to counter and neutralize the bacterias by producing acids by the sugar in our mouth. If sugar intake is left unchecked, it might result in facial pain, indicating simple toothache or, in some cases, a complicated oral problem. Here are a few ways on how to control your sugar intake this holiday season:

  • Eat healthily beforehand – It is tempting to eat to your heart’s content when the holiday season arrives, but it is also crucial to be cautious about what you eat. Eating healthily beforehand is essential if you are a huge fan of snacking sweet treats because this helps in reducing your cravings for sweet snacks and desserts.
  • Moderation is the key – Spoiling yourself once in a while is not a bad idea. However, constantly spoiling yourself could take a toll on your oral and overall health. Let us remind ourselves that we should eat in moderation to avoid oral health problems and other health complications this holiday season.
  • Go for healthy substitutes – If you are a huge fan of sweet delicacies, you don’t need to punish yourself. There are healthy alternatives for you to choose from. Yoghurt, berries, bananas, dark chocolate, or any other types of fruit are healthy for you to eat because organic foods do not contain natural sugars but instead contain natural nutrients such as fructose.
  • Stay hydrated – There might be many different beverages that will be present during the holiday season, yet water is still the best option for you to have. Cocktails, coffee, sodas, wines are a few of the acidic drinks present during holidays.
  • Visit an Airdrie dentist – Part of avoiding oral health problems this season of festivity and gathering is visiting an Airdrie dentist. It is vital for our oral health to visit a dentist for preventive measures against oral health problems and comprehensive checkups. Sierra Springs Dental, a group of Airdrie dentists, can help you with your oral health problems, prevent them, and show you how to maintain your oral health.

During this holiday season, no matter how fun the party may be, you should not forget to be conscious about your oral health. If you are looking for a dentist in Airdrie that can immediately accommodate your dental needs, Sierra Springs Dental can help you with your dental health problems. Call us today at 403-945-4555 to book your consultation with us!

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