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How to Handle Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can happen anytime, so it’s better to be ready, whether your child broke a tooth playing sports or you have a damaged restoration. Delaying medical care increases the risk of complications and can convert a minor problem into a serious one. Spend time preparing by assembling an emergency kit, reviewing fundamental first-aid techniques, and gathering any contact information you might require. Every six months, a dental checkup comprises routine cleaning, X-rays, and consultation. An urgent dental situation is anything but typical. In dental emergencies, rapid and visible action is typically required to address extreme pain, discomfort, or trauma to the mouth that could result in bleeding, lacerations to the gums, and the displacement or fracture of teeth. Even though they are exceedingly inconvenient, some situations—like missing fillings, cracked veneers, or damaged dental equipment—don’t qualify as emergencies.

How do I respond to a dental emergency?

Your emergency pack and the following suggestions will assist you in reducing discomfort and enhancing your chances of a successful outcome if you encounter a dental emergency.

  • Address pain: You can treat pain and swelling caused by damaged teeth and restorations with over-the-counter pain relievers. Inflammation and pain can be reduced by applying ice to swollen areas.
  • Preserve pieces: Bring any missing tooth pieces, whole teeth, or restorations with you to preserve them. Under the right circumstances, they might be reattached. The need for expensive dental treatments to restore function or aesthetics may be lessened by this treatment.
  • Get help right away: Toothaches indicate dental deterioration or a possible unnoticed fracture. It’s important to come to us as soon as possible if you get a toothache. If the infection isn’t treated, it will spread and make you feel worse. Long-term deterioration affects dental function, resulting in irreversible harm if not treated immediately.

Who to call for a dental emergency?

Emergency dental situations always arise out of the blue and can be very unpleasant. In addition to excruciating pain, you can also be at a loss for what to do, which can cause panic. Whether a tooth has just been knocked out or you’ve managed to severely lacerate your gums, keeping your composure is essential to acting rationally and preventing further harm.

When to call an Airdrie dentist in an emergency?

A skilled emergency dental staff is here to take care of your requirements if you have a damaged tooth, a toothache, or oral trauma. Most urgent care centers will try to schedule your appointment for the same day or the following day. They can give the following emergency services:

  • How to treat gum pain
  • Rapid extractions
  • Change a crown
  • Remove an abscess
  • Install or fix a filling
  • Bridge or dentures repair
  • Replace a missing tooth
  • Restore a loose tooth
  • How to mend a broken tooth

If you are bleeding excessively, get help right away from your dentist in Airdrie at Sierra Springs Dental. Any injuries requiring stitches, such as jaw fractures or dislocations, must be attended to at the nearest hospital or urgent care facility. You need to get help immediately if you have an abscess or an infection with swelling that impairs your ability to breathe or swallow. Call us at 403-945-4555 to book an appointment.