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How Your Diet Affects Your Dental And Overall Health

Nobody wants to lead an unhealthy lifestyle – which is why many people aspire to have a nutritious diet, from drinking sugarless drinks to eating natural and organic foods. Your diet can greatly affect your dental and overall health, no matter how small or big the changes you make are. It’s important to keep track of the foods and beverages you consume daily to evaluate your lifestyle and diet. Eating healthy does not only mean living well and feeling great. It also reflects on how you take good care of your body. A regular dental checkup with an Airdrie dentist is a great step to monitor your dental and overall health.

How Does Your Diet Affect Your Oral Health?

When drinking carbonated drinks, an artificial sweetener called Aspartame reacts with the bacteria inside your mouth and results in a special acid. This acid attacks the teeth and leads to enamel erosion, which causes symptoms such as bleeding gums and tooth decay. Enamel erosion is constantly linked with tooth decay because your enamel is the strongest component of your tooth and protects the surface from bacteria and infection. A healthy diet does not automatically eradicate the chances of having dental problems, but it can minimize developing them. The state of your mouth can mirror your overall general health, as the mouth is the gateway to your body. When a person exhibits poor oral hygiene, it could also contribute to your overall health.

What Are Foods And Drinks That Help Promote A Healthy Diet?

  • Vegetables And Fruits – Vegetables and fruits may not be everyone’s favourite, but their nutritional value benefits your oral and overall health. Especially fibre-rich vegetables that can help strengthen your teeth and protect them at the same time from gum diseases and cavities.
  • Dairy Products – Foods and drinks such as milk, butter, and yogurt can help you strengthen your teeth. Dairy products can help you enhance and toughen your teeth because these products contain calcium.
  • Lean Meat – Beef and chicken meat is a good source of phosphorus, which can also help strengthen your teeth.

What Are Foods And Drinks Should You Avoid? 

  • Sodas And Carbonated Drinks – Drinking a soda might be addicting because of the fizz and the taste, but excessive carbonated drink intake can lead to enamel erosion. Drinking carbonated beverages are okay, but it should be in moderation.
  • Candies And Chocolates – Eating candies in moderation is good, but excessive consumption can lead to cavities and tooth decay.
  • Acidic Fruits – If your favourite fruits are pineapple, blueberry, grapes, and apricot, then this is bad news for you. Consuming too many acidic fruits could also be the same with carbonated drinks and candies, which wear out your enamel.

None of these food restrictions should stop you from eating what you like – you’re allowed to treat yourself! However, it’s good to keep your food and beverage consumption in moderation.

How Do You Prevent Dental Problems And Chronic Diseases? 

Since your mouth is the gateway to your body, it’s essential to visit your dentist in Airdrie and get a routine dental checkup and cleaning. A qualified dentist at Sierra Springs Dental can assess the condition of your teeth and gums to see if you have early signs of dental problems or diseases, such as periodontal disease.

We understand the pain that our patient experiences. That is why we prioritize your oral and overall health. If you are looking for an affordable dentist in Airdrie, Sierra Springs Dental is the place for you! Do not hesitate to call us today at 403-945-4555 to book your appointment!

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