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Shifting Away From Typical New Year Resolutions

The new year started and many of us resolved to hit the gym. Many might have already dropped out of the gym by now. Most of us have one resolution in common—to be healthier than last year. To most, being healthy means eating the right meal or exercising for hours everyday. Some people also interpret “being healthy” as literally “losing weight”. Something that people often overlook is there’s more to being healthy than weight loss. I’m a dentist and just like every doctor, I don’t only focus in the field of my specialization, but also on my patient’s overall health.

Proper oral hygiene is a necessity to living a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of your health starts by taking care of basic aspects of your life such as your mouth. Becoming healthy should not be stressful at all. So let’s see what else is on the shelf aside from the rigid gym sessions and the exaggerated cardio exercises, and take a look at some techniques that could help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Healthy

Many of us don’t provide our bodies with proper nutrients to stay healthy. If you want to have a healthy body, try eating healthy until it becomes a part of your routine in achieving good overall health.

Drink plenty of water

Forget about soda and sweet drinks. It’s time to drink the real healthy drink—water. Yes, it is sweet to your health. You’ll not only feel hydrated, but you’ll also improve your physical appearance. Having eight glasses of water every day may help you wash all the toxins from your body. So if you want to be healthy, you need to drink healthy.

Brush and floss daily and be serious about it

As part of the proper oral hygiene routine, brushing and flossing must be done consciously. Being healthy starts in having a healthy mouth. Flossing helps you avoid gingivitis and even heart disease—a very important reason as to why people should chose to achieve a healthy mouth. So floss like you’re the boss.

Meditate a lot.

You might want to spare a time to sit quietly and peacefully in a corner of your house for twenty minutes per day, right before you do your everyday household routines. This is a good chance for you to talk to yourself about your life in general. You may want to listen to that inner voice in you. Sometimes the best conversation that you can get is a conversation with yourself alone. Take time to know and understand yourself. You’d be surprised by how great you really are.

Talk to your loved ones more often

Studies show that talking to loved ones routinely reduces stress and anxiety. You might want to leave your work temporarily for a chat with your family and friends. A good conversation helps you forget how stressful life can be at times. Spending time with your loved ones not only makes you feel good and healthy, but also develops cells that are good for your health.

Say good things about yourself right before you start the day

You are your own critic and hero. Studies show that self-love is the key to happy and healthy living. Many people don’t pay attention to “self-love” at all. Tell yourself how much you love you. You might want to think of that one thing you like about yourself, and feel good about it. Indulge yourself in it.

You are your own lover. Be grateful about yourself, love yourself more every single day.

Take time to visit your dentist.

Dentists are doctors for your smiles. They make sure that your mouth is clean and healthy in order to protect your overall health. Regardless of which field doctors specialize in, they all have one thing in common—to keep you healthy all the time. Your dentist is in-charge of your oral health since your body’s general health starts from there. Being healthy is not just about losing weight. It’s having a healthy smile that can reflect your body’s overall health. It’s improving your overall health through pursuing a healthy lifestyle. It is also being committed to healthy living.

As a team of dedicated dentists at Sierra Springs Dental, we take care of your needs as individuals. We prioritize not just your smiles, but we also prioritize your overall health. Talk to us and let us help you start your healthy lifestyle by taking care of your oral health.

Having a healthy smile means you are living a healthy life. Talk to our dental team now.

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