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Six Useful Tips For People With Sensitive Teeth

Do you have sensitive teeth? Have you been craving for your favorite ice cream or smoothie but couldn’t eat because your teeth start to feel the pain the exact moment the frozen delight touches them?

You may wonder what the cause of sensitive teeth is, but the fact is that when the areas of the tooth called the dentin and enamel get worn away, the exposed nerves start to complain. Sensitive teeth can be painful. It causes stinging and throbbing feels and a general sense of discomfort. Aside from the pain, it will start to affect your everyday routines and your everyday life in general.

  1. Use a toothpaste specially made for sensitive teeth – Look for a brand of toothpaste which is particularly designed to care for sensitive teeth. This type of toothpaste usually contain potassium nitrate and strontium chloride, which both help to desensitize the nerve endings in the dentin areas.
  2. Change the way you brush – If you’re not using a soft toothbrush, then you’re not doing any favours for your sensitive teeth. Hard brushing can actually wear away enamel, increasing the sensitivity in your teeth.
  3. Avoid acidic foods and drinks – The most common acidic food and drinks to avoid are fizzy drinks like Coke, citrus fruits like oranges, wine, vinegar, salad dressing, and yogurt. A useful tip is to use a straw when you drink acidic liquids. You can also rinse your mouth with water or milk after eating some acidic food as this can reduce the acid levels floating around your teeth.
  4. Stop grinding your teeth – You may not know it, but if you grind your teeth when you are asleep, you are multiplying your chances of having sensitive teeth, which will then cause you considerable discomfort. If you are aware of this problem (bruxism), ask your dentist to make you a mouth guard which you can wear while sleeping. It is an excellent, long term investment. You can also change your sleeping position. If you notice yourself clenching during the day, remind yourself to relax your jaw with your teeth slightly apart.
  5. Ask your dentist for a fluoride paint job – If you have tried everything and nothing seems to give you relief, ask your dentist if he would consider applying fluoride gel or varnish to your teeth. They wear off over time-a few months to a couple of years, depending on what material is used-so they’ll need to be reapplied.

Talk to your dentist about gum grafting – If you still cannot get relief from the suggestions above, it may be time to consider what dental procedures might provide lasting relief. Usually, dentists recommend root canal treatment which can usually solve the problem. If the pain is caused by a loss of gum tissue and the roots are exposed, it may be wise to consider a surgical gum graft. There may be excess gum tissue which can be grafted on to the extra sensitive tooth. And luckily, solution may resolve the problem once and for all. Sensitive teeth is a big problem which needs to be acted upon right away. If you are suffering from sensitive teeth, follow the steps written above and talk to your dentist to know more about this condition. Sensitive-free teeth are happy teeth!