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Why It’s Smart To Use Dental Insurance Before Year End

Dear patients of Sierra Springs Dental,

As the end of the year is coming soon, we want to inform you that this is a good time for you to use those unused insurance for this year before they expire.

Here are a few reasons as to why you should set up an appointment as soon as possible.

Yearly Maximum

It is the most amount of money that your dental insurance plan will provide you for your dental work within a year. The amount though depends on the insurance company. Approximately it is $1000 a year per person. If you’ll not use the benefits, they will never be restored.

Your Deductible

This is basically the amount of your own money that you have to pay to the doctor for dental services before the insurance company will pay for any services. This fee depends on your plan. If you won’t go through with your plan, your deductibles will start over.

Your Premiums

It is best to use your benefits especially if you are paying the dental insurance premiums per month. Even if you don’t need any dental service, it is advisable for you to have regular cleanings and consultations to prevent future dental problems. This will also help you detect early signs and symptoms of any dental disease.

Prevention is better than cure

Fee Increase

You should use your benefits before the year end to take advantage of the low fees. There are possibilities that the fees might go higher as they do from time to time because of the common factors like the cost of living, equipment cost, demands and materials. Also, your co pay increases together with the fee increase.

Avoiding further dental & health problems

Oral health also affects over all health. Delaying dental treatment can cause oral and general health high risks and expensive treatments. A simple cavity may turn into a root canal later on. So hurry! Do yourself a favor and book your appointment now!

Together, let’s take each day savoring the benefits of a healthy smile that captures the world.

All my best,

My Smile Family Dental