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Airdrie Dentistry: Why Mouthguards Are Essential

As kids grow up, their primary or baby teeth start to fall out and get replaced by permanent teeth. By the time they reach the age of 21, all 32 of their permanent teeth would have erupted.

Unlike baby teeth that will have replacement once they fall out, permanent teeth do not naturally grow back or replace themselves.

This is why it is incredibly scary to lose one or two of your permanent teeth.

You would end up facing a dental emergency that would require an emergency dentist Airdrie and you would have to undergo procedures if you want to have them fixed. This is basically the main reason mouthguards were created in the first place.

prevent any unfortunate instances that involve losing some of your permanent teeth to happen.

If you are a sports fan, you are most probably familiar with mouthguards as a lot of famous athletes wear them.

Contact sports such as boxing, football, martial arts, wrestling, hockey, and basketball require the use of mouthguards in order to avoid unfortunate injuries to the teeth.

In sports, protective equipment such as mouthguards and the like play an important role.

The reason for that is because there have been a lot of instances where athlete injuries have been extremely fatal. By requiring more preventive measures, fatal sports injuries are prevented.

Almost all professional and non-professional athletes use mouthguards.
They usually wear custom-made ones that are well-fitted to their teeth and which they can get at an Airdrie dentist.

Mouthguards in Airdrie

A mouthguard, which you can find at an affordable dentist in Airdrie, is essentially a protective device for the mouth that covers the teeth and the gums to help cushion the blow to the face.

It helps minimize or prevent the possibility of dental trauma.

It is also used as a treatment measure for bruxism or as a TMJ treatment .

Mouthguards usually cover the upper teeth and protect the soft tissues of your tongue, lips, and cheek lining. They are usually used by contact sports athletes because they tend to engage in a lot of harsh physical contacts that make their teeth more susceptible to dental trauma.

Types of Mouthguards in Airdrie

There are many ways to prevent or at least minimize the effects of cannabis and prevent dental problems, especially those who are undergoing dental treatment.

    1. Custom-made. The best kinds of mouthguards are the ones that have been custom made for your mouth by a dentist in Airdrie. They first make an impression of your teeth and then a mouthguard is moulded over the model using a special material. They are the more expensive kinds because they are individually designed and provide the most comfort and protection.
    2. Boil and bite. The boil-and-bite mouthguards are the ones you can buy at many sporting goods stores and drugstores. They are better than the pre-formed ones (stock) because they can first be softened in boiling water and then inserted and be allowed to adapt to the shape of the wearer’s mouth. It can help you avoid having a broken tooth.
    3. Stock Stock mouthguards are the least expensive ones because they come pre-formed and ready to wear. However, they are not always the best choice if you want to avoid getting your tooth knocked out because they often don’t fit very well, they can be bulky, and they can sometimes make breathing and talking difficult.

We offer different types of mouthguards here at Sierra Springs Dental because we believe in the ability of mouthguards to absorb the force of impact to the mouth area caused by unfortunate accidents before it even reaches the teeth. We want to ensure that your teeth are very well protected so that you never have to experience any significant injury or fatal dental trauma. Contact us today if you are interested in having one specially fitted for you!

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