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Gum Contouring

Getting a beautiful smile isn’t just about having a beautiful set of teeth. It is also having an equal and proportional gum line too! Having too much gum tissue may be uneven, thick and cover too much of the tooth. This is also known as a “gummy smile”.
We are proud to be included among the dental practices in Airdrie, Alberta to offer laser dental technology to make it easier and efficient to get rid of excess gum tissue and contour the shape of the gum line and make it appear much smoother. There is an array of various laser treatments available that can help address your gum line issue. We will examine your current problem and create a customized plan for gum contouring that will complement your smile.
If you want to schedule an appointment, please contact our practice so that our dentist can examine your gums and discuss your options when it comes to gum contouring.